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FarGen in Singapore Programme Director Bogi Eliasen to give Keynote Presentation at Bio-It World Asia last week of May 2013
FarGen in Bloomberg News Article in Bloomberg about the FarGen project. 
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What is FarGen?


The FarGen project aims to sequence whole genomes of the Faroese population. Together with existing health and genealogical records, such a comprehensive sequencing project can improve health knowledge, treatment and prevention services in the Faroese health system.


FarGen and Research

The first part of the project consists of sequencing genomes into a database, which will form the basis of the initial research phase. Combined with  the Faroese genealogical and health records, such a comprehensive sequencing project can improve health knowledge,


FarGen and Health

Genomic knowledge combined with genealogical and health records  will form a central part of future health services both in terms of treatment and prevention.

Genetic/Genomic Research

The completion of the international Human Genome Project in 2003, sparked an acceleration in genetic research. Along with great technological advances, this knowledge has opened up for new approaches to health research.



FarGen Summit


We welcome you to the conference FarGen Summit in the Faroe Islands 2013. The Conference will be held 19 & 20 September at Hotel Føroyar.