The aim of the FarGen project is to collect biological materials from the Faroese and conduct analyses that will instigate precision medicine in the Faroe Islands. Precision medicine is based on personal genomics, environmental factors and lifestyle, and may pave the way for more personalized treatment of disease.

Since 2016, FarGen has been in the process to establish the FarGen-infrastructure and a Faroese reference genome, thereby creating a foundation for genetic and health research in the Faroe Islands. FarGen 1 (2016-2018) included only genetic analysis, but with FarGen 2 (2022), the infrastructure is expanded to also include biochemical measurements (blood tests) and health measurements of the participants.

When you participate in the FarGen 2 project, your data will be included in the FarGen database and will be used to investigate the connection between genes, biochemical measurements and health status. In addition your data will, with your future consent, be used for other health research projects. Your genetic data will be part of the Faroese reference genome, which shows the average genetic variation within the Faroese population and describes the genetic origins of the Faroese people.

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