The aim of the FarGen project is to read the whole DNA (genome) of all the Faroese people who want to participate. The purpose is to develop a platform for genetic research of the Faroese population. Coupled with knowledge from the public health services and the Registry of Genealogy, mapping Faroese genes can enable improvements in the prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Further, the aim is to develop local competencies in preparing DNA for genome sequencing, as well as securely handling and storing digital data from sequencing.

In the first phase, the genomes of 1,500 Faroese people will be sequenced and digitalised for recording in a database held by the Genetic Biobank. This data will be used to put together a Faroese reference genome. There will be no examination of what the results say about any potential medical conditions or inherited traits you may have.

Subsequently, you may be offered to take part in one or several specific research projects, but you decide for yourself whether you wish to take part in each individual project.