FarGen 2

The FarGen 2 project addresses three separate aims.

1.Generating the Faroese reference genome.

2.Genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Research has shown that most diseases are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental risk factors. Therefore, in FarGen 2, materials (whole-blood) will be collected from the participants for genetic and biochemical analyses, and a health examination will be performed of the participants. GWAS will be used to examine and compare the genomes of the participants to see if there is a connection between genes, symptoms and disease. In this context association analyses will be performed between genes, biochemical data and body measurements of the participants. The aim is to collect materials and conduct analyses that will instigate precision medicine. Precision medicine is based on personal genomics, environmental factors and lifestyle, and may pave the way for more personalized treatment of disease.

3.Population Genetics. The aim is to study the population history in the Faroe Islands. This can add to the understanding of how the islands were settled, who were the original settlers, and study the patterns of relatedness between the present-day Faroese as the population expanded.

The results of this project (combined aims) may be used to design new therapeutic or diagnostic tools. The data generated in this project will be stored for research purposes and participants will be invited to participate in other future research projects that have received all necessary permissions to use FarGen data.