Genetic Biobank of the Faroe Islands

The FarGen project is managed by the Genetic Biobank of the Faroe Islands. The Genetic Biobank is a coordinating unit within the Faroese public health services, which organises, develops and manages the registries of genealogy, diagnoses and tissue. The Genetic Biobank also processes applications to access these registries for research. This means that only persons who have signed an agreement with the Genetic Biobank can carry out genetic research of residents in the Faroe Islands.

In order to access any data from the FarGen project, applicants must secure authorisation from the Genetic Biobank, the Faroese Research Ethics committee (Vísindasiðsemisnevndin) and the Faroese Data Protection committee (Dátueftirlitið).

For further information about the Genetic Biobank’s activities, please refer to the Human Genetics Research Act.