Research Ethics Council

In order for a research project to access data in the FarGen database, it requires authorisation from entities such as the Research Ethics Council. The task of the Council is to ensure that health science research projects comply fully with the highest standards of research ethics. All biomedical research requires approval from the Research Ethics Council. In general terms, this means all research using any human materials.

Depending on the contents of the research projects, additional authorisations may be required:

  • Research on Faroese human genes (genetic research) requires authorisation from the Faroese Health Authority.

  • If the research entails gathering personal data, the project is required to follow the regulations stipulated by the Faroese Data Protection Agency.

  • Research on new pharmaceutical products requires the authorisation of Landsapotekarin – the Faroese pharmaceutical authority.

The overriding priority of the Research Ethics Council is always to safeguard the status, rights and safety of the individual research participant. This consideration therefore always prevails over scientific and social interests, even when these may have the potential to enable the production of new knowledge or examinations of existing knowledge, which would otherwise justify initiating research.

Read more about the Research Ethics Council (link in Faroese).