FarGen participants

Health science research projects rely on voluntary participants to generate new and valuable knowledge, which cannot be obtained by other means. Research on specific conditions requires participants with that specific condition, but healthy individuals are usually also included in studies in order to provide a basis for comparison.

If you take part in the FarGen project, you can expect to be asked whether your information may be used for research projects in the area of health sciences. Consent is required for each individual research project, which means that nobody will access your data without your authorisation.

The basic premise is that you as a participant will not directly benefit from participating in any research project, but that you will be doing your bit to enable new knowledge to be generated, which, in time, may contribute to preventing disease and benefit people who are sick.

It is vital to uncover new knowledge in the field of health and healthcare, but consideration for the health, rights and safety of participants in any research project are prioritised higher than scientific and social interest. The Faroese Research Ethics Board (link in Faroese) safeguards the interests of participants and all research projects in health and healthcare require the approval of the Research Ethics Board.

The Research Ethics Board places great emphasis on ensuring that participants receive adequate information about a project before they decide whether or not they wish to participate. 

If you are considering taking part in a health research project, you should make sure that you are fully informed about what the project entails. As a participant you are entitled to thorough information about your rights and about the project you intend to take part in.