You will get feedback from the health examination, including your weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, blood pressure, pulse, and lung function. You will also receive feedback on the biochemical analyses including blood percentage, white blood cells, thrombocytes, fat level in the blood, inflammation in the body, kidney function, average blood sugar levels, metabolism, and vitamins. The genetic analyses are only generated for research purposes, therefore, you will not receive feedback about these data.

However, the analysis of your data may show an increased risk of a specific disease, or a so-called incidental finding. If such a disease can be prevented or is treatable, it is the responsibility of the clinical leader to inform you about the findings and offer you genetic counselling. Such feedback is always given by multiple clinicians, which include the clinical leader and at minimum one independent geneticist. Since this is research data, and not clinical data, there is little chance of incidental findings.