How will I participate?

You can register to take part in the FarGen project by calling or writing us at:


Telephone: +298 23 30 51

If you sign up to FarGen you will receive information material, which you must read and sign before you can participate. A bio analyst will then come to draw a sample of blood (20 ml) from you in the area where you live. This will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. You will be asked to submit your signed consent when the blood is drawn.  

The only inconvenience of having a blood sample taken is that you may feel sore where the needle is inserted. Your DNA will later be extracted from the blood sample and then read using a sequencing machine. The results of the reading will be millions of fragments of your DNA strand, which will then be put back together again into your concrete genome.

The digitalisation of your genome will be carried out at the Genetic Biobank and the anonymised data will be recorded and stored in full compliance with all legal requirements. The blood sample will be stored within the Registry of Tissue at the Genetic Biobank.

Read information for participants.