Informed consent

All participants in the FarGen project must sign an informed consent form - also known as a declaration of consent. The purpose of the informed consent is to ensure that you as a participant in FarGen have received adequate information about the project and your participation in it. You must have read the document, Information for Participants about FarGen 2 (in Faroese), and with the informed consent you authorise and confirm, among other things that:

  • a sample of your blood will be drawn

  • some health measurements will be taken

  • you have received sufficient information about the FarGen project

  • you have had the opportunity to ask questions and have received satisfactory answers

  • you know enough about the purpose, procedures, benefits and risks to confirm your participation

By law no treatment or test may be carried out without the consent of the patient or participant.

You can, at any time and without providing any reasons for it, withdraw your consent and request to have your blood sample returned to you and your data deleted. If you choose to withdraw from the project, this will in no way influence your entitlement to receive treatment from the public health services.

Read about withdrawal from the project.