Research projects

The database generated by the FarGen project is intended for research. The data stored are a resource, which will be used to improve the chances of prevention and treatment in public health services. 

Health and healthcare research projects can apply for authorisation to access data in the FarGen database. These may be projects that, for example, study specific disease genes, assess the frequency of carriers of certain medical conditions in the Faroe Islands, or examine the effectiveness of medication, i.e. the capacity of individuals to process or absorb medication. The aim can also be to develop new treatment methods – both general treatments and treatment tailored to individual patients.

In order for a research project to access your data in the FarGen database, the project must by authorised by the Research Ethics Council and follow the regulations of the Faroese Data Protection Agency. In addition, you as the participant will be asked if you would like to give the Faroese Health Authority permission to grant access to your (anonymised) data for each individual project. This means that nobody will be allowed to access your data without your consent.

The Faroese Health Authority administrates declarations of consent for research projects.