Feedback on your genome data

In this project your genome will be read, digitalised and possibly used to put together a Faroese reference genome. There will be no examination of what the data says about each participant’s potential illnesses or traits. Furthermore, the data will only be processed globally with other data and it will therefore not provide any information about your concrete genetic characteristics. You will therefore not receive any feedback regarding your participation in this project, meaning that you will not be notified of any results in connection with your genome being read.  

Other projects

If you later on agree to your data being used in other approved research projects, you will have to decide in advance whether you would like to receive notification of any potential genetic defects or incidental finds which that subsequent study might reveal. An incidental finding is an incidental result, which is outside the scope of study of the specific project and is uncovered by chance. In cases where a study reveals any genetic defect or unexpected result, which cause a serious genetically based condition, participants will always be notified, if it is possible to prevent or treat the condition.  

Such notifications are always made following a thorough medical assessment carried out in consultation between the doctor, who holds clinical responsibility for the project, and at least one independent expert in genetic conditions.