Faroese reference genome

One tangible result of the FarGen project will be the generation of a Faroese reference genome. If you take part in the FarGen project, your data may also be used to put together the Faroese reference genome. This is an important tool in genetic research.

The intention with a Faroese reference genome is to map the average genetic composition of Faroese people and make it possible to determine which hereditary variations are particularly common in the Faroes. 

The data will only be processed globally and so no information about your concrete inherited traits will be available. You will therefore not receive any feedback about the analysis.

A reference genome can be termed an average genome, which is based on data from many people from the same geographical area. Two persons from families that have lived in the Faroes for many generations are likely to have more common traits in their DNA than two persons from two very distant areas. A reference genome can therefore be said to be a genome representing the people in a specific limited geographical area. The reference genome can be used as a reference or basis for comparison when genetic studies are carried out on individuals or groups of patients.