Scientific articles

The articles below are either about the FarGen project or about projects that use data from FarGen participants in their research.


"Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition on cardiovascular adaptation to exercise training" in Physiological Reports

Authors: Tórur Sjúrðarson, Jacob Bejder, Andreas Breenfeldt Andersen, Thomas Bonne, Kasper Kyhl, Tóra Róin, Poula Patursson, Noomi Oddmarsdóttir Gregersen, May-Britt Skoradal, Michael Schliemann, Malte Lindegaard, Pál Weihe, Magni Mohr, Nikolai B. Nordsborg.

"Similar Gut Bacterial Composition Between Patients With Ulcerative Colitis and Healthy Controls in a High Incidence Population: A Cross-sectional Study of the Faroe Islands IBD Cohort" in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Authors: Marjun F. Berbisá, Kári R. Nielsen, Anna C. Ingham, Jóngerð Midjord, Turið Hammer, Poula Patursson, Nicolina M. O. Vest, Noomi O. Gregersen, Johan Burisch og Amanda Vang.


FarGen – Participants in the Genetic Research Infrastructure of the Faroe Islands” in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.

Authors: Katrin D. Apol, Leivur N. Lydersen, Ólavur Mortensen, Pál Weihe, Bjarni á Steig, Guðrið Andorsdóttir og Noomi O. Gregersen.

FarGen: Bioresource from the Faroe Genome Project in Open Journal of Bioresources.

Authors: Noomi O. Gregersen, Katrin D. Apol, Pál Weihe, Bjarni á Steig og Guðrið Andorsdóttir.


"Using dried blood spot samples from a trio for linked-read whole-exome sequencing" in European Journal of Human Genetics.

Authors: Ólavur Mortensen, Leivur N. Lydersen, Katrin D. Apol, Guðrið Andorsdóttir, Bjarni á Steig og Noomi O. Gregersen.