Access to FarGen data

You can access FarGen data with a contract with the Faroese Health Authority. The contract gives you the right to research selected data for a limited period of time and to publish a certain number of scientific articles. To obtain a contract, approvals from relevant authorities are required:

  1. Clinical leader

  2. Approval by the Research Ethics Committee (register-based research excepted)

  3. Approval by the Faroese Health Authority.

  4. The project shall comply with the stipulations of the Data Protection Authority (Dátueftirlitið)

  5. Contract with the Faroese Health Authority (Fólkaheilsustýrið).

Who can access?

Researchers must be affiliated with a research institution, i.e. a university or a hospital, in order to access FarGen data. Students can also gain admission, but in this case it is the supervisor who must apply for admission on behalf of the student. All projects that process FarGen data must have a clinical leader who works in the Faroese healthcare system.

Please contact the Faroese Health Authority (Fólkaheilsustýrið) for further information.