FarGen data in research

If you are interested in research data from the FarGen database, you can contact us to hear more about a possible collaboration. We are interested in collaboration with colleges, the industry, researchers, students and others.


The FarGen database contains e.g.  genome data on Faroese. So far, about 1,600 blood samples have been taken, and these samples are currently being sequenced and stored as digital data. Data is available for approved research projects in the health field.

Participants for research projects

Talk to us about what data you need. For example, it can be a patient group, familiy studies or a comparison group for case/control studies. Participants in research projects must consent to participation in each project. Ílegusavnið communicates with potential participants for your project and constructs an appropriate group of participants based on various criteria. As a researcher, you usually only get access to anonymized data. However, it is possible to recruit participants for projects where additional samples, surveys or questionnaires are added. This data can then be used in conjunction with genome data.